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Huichol Indian men tie ropes around their testicles when their wives are giving birth. When she feels a painful contraction, she tugs on the rope so her husband will share some of the pain as part of their child’s entrance into the world.


In 2009, Rapper Coolio attempted to stage dive. Nobody in the crowd caught him and he was beaten up while also having his shoes stolen

Rapper Coolio was injured during a gig in Stoke-on-Trent, England, after a stage dive into the audience went wrong. The hip-hop star was performing at Staffordshire University’s Students’ Union on Wednesday when he decided to leap into the crowd. But the audience parted, sending him crashing to the floor. The students then reportedly mobbed the rapper, stealing his bandana, jewelry and shoes before the star was rescued by the venue’s security team.

Barman James Fielden, who witnessed the event, says, “Coolio nearly flattened one poor girl. Then all the students decided to launch on him. They grabbed whatever they could, including his trainers, watch, chains and glasses. He was pulled back on stage by the bouncers. They got his shoes back for him.”


During the rap battle montages in 8 Mile, Eminem would mime to save his voice. However after one rapper got a particularly good audience reaction, he turned his mic on and improvised a verse in response rather than let himself be beaten.


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During the Cold War the CIA considered dropping dropping enormous condoms labeled “medium” over the Soviet Union to demoralize the Soviet male population

Following World War II, Frank Wisner helped found the Office of Policy Coordination. Officially, its mission was refugee assistance and working with the International Red Cross. Its actual mission involved covert actions against the Soviet Union. Wisner was a wily, charming, Southern aristocrat who was forever changed when he witnessed the brutal Soviet occupation of Romania. His office invested heavily in psychological warfare, which was still a relatively new concept. Ideas that came from the office included delivering American toiletries across the Iron Curtain (to demonstrate superior Western standards of comfort) and airdropping enormous condoms labeled “Medium” onto the Soviets, to demoralize them against an anatomically superior American army. (Sadly, this plan was never carried out.)


Jordan Chandler sternly denied the allegations that Michael Jackson abused him until after he was administered sodium amytal [a drug known to enable false memories to be implanted] by his dentist father who had first made the allegations before his son did

According to Taraborrelli, Chandler was forced to admit the controversial sedative sodium amytal was used when he extracted a tooth from Jordan in early August.[16] On May 3, 1994, KCBS-TV news reported that Chandler claimed the drug was used for tooth extraction and that the allegations came out while Jordan was under the influence of the drug.[5] Mark Torbiner, the dental anesthesiologist who administered the drug, told GQ if sodium amytal was used, “it was for dental purposes.”[5] Sodium amytal is a barbiturate that puts people in a hypnotic state when injected intravenously. Studies done in 1952 debunked the drug as a truth serum and demonstrated it enabled false memories to be easily implanted.

Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, was able to view his obituary before he died due to a news-outlet mishap. Due to all the horrible things he read about himself, including being called “the merchant of death”, he decided to dedicate his fortune to the creation of the Nobel Prize

In 1888 Alfred’s brother Ludvig died while visiting Cannes and a French newspaper erroneously published Alfred’s obituary. It condemned him for his invention of dynamite and is said to have brought about his decision to leave a better legacy after his death. The obituary stated, Le marchand de la mort est mort (“The merchant of death is dead”) and went on to say, “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.” Alfred (who never had a wife or children) was disappointed with what he read and concerned with how he would be remembered.


Crack pipes are sold as fake flowers in a glass tube at convenience stores

What does smoking crack feel like?

You inhale and as the smoke is filling up your lungs a strange feeling starts creeping up your legs. You feel like there’s butterflies in your stomach and bam, you’re whole body is buzzing in pure sensual stimulation. You let go and you take another hit. Here it comes again, only this time it makes you feel even better.

Pretty soon you smoked so much you’re just staring at the pipe which just slipped out your hand in utter shock at how good it feels. The feeling starts fading; you light another bowl/rock. You put the flame against the rocks or next to them and as they melt you suddenly start worrying. Your legs cramp with excitement as the smoke starts filling the vape. You inhale and it comes again.

Pretty soon you run out and start scraping for more. You twiddle the bag the crack came in and smoke the crumbs. You smoke a cig. You smoke another one. The feeling is gone. You put some music on but you don’t feel it. Nothing matters anymore. You need more crack but you have to wait til tommorow. You try to fall asleep but all you can think about is repeating the experience again.


A man from China bought a first class ticket which came with access to a VIP lounge and flyers could get a free meal. He rescheduled over 300 times over a year to enjoy (presumably) over 300 meals. When investigated, he canceled the ticket and got a full refund.


An Italian pronstar, who was a member of Parliament, while continuing to make hardcore pron videos while in office. She often made speeches with one breast exposed, and offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein in exchange for peace in the region

In 1979, Staller was presented as a candidate to the Italian parliament by the Lista del Sole, Italy’s first Green party. In 1985, she switched to the Partito Radicale, campaigning on a libertarian platform against nuclear energy and NATO membership, as well as for human rights. She was elected to the Italian parliament in 1987, with approximately 20,000 votes. While in office, and before the outset of the Gulf War, she offered to have sex with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in return for peace in the region. She was not re-elected at the end of her term in 1991.


Hunter S. Thompson pranked Jack Nicholson on his birthday by shining a spotlight on his house, blasting a recording of a pig being eaten alive by bears, firing his pistol, and leaving an elk’s heart at the front door, while Nicholson and his two daughters hid in the basement.


The Federal Trade Commission says four cancer charities run by extended members of the same family conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012 and spent almost nothing to help actual cancer patients.

These are the charities in question:

  • Cancer Fund of America
  • Children’s Cancer Fund of America
  • Cancer Support Services
  • The Breast Cancer Society

Here’s how they are all connected:

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