Popular YouTube personalities caught amid CS:GO gambling scandal

YouTube personalities Tom Cassell (ProSyndicate) and Trevor Martin (TmarTn) have been caught in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) betting scandal shortly after it was discovered they’re owners of a weapon skin gambling site, which they both prominently feature on their YouTube channels.

A video published by H3H3 Productions has revealed both Cassell and Martin not only have a stake in, but they also serve as president and vice president, respectively. This revelation could land them in hot water considering the strict YouTube guidelines enacted by the FTC to disclose any paid-for endorsements or interests.

Several videos have been published on ProSyndicate’s and TmarTn showing viewers how to win if they partake in CS:GO weapon skin betting. There are also videos that show them winning very large bets through CSGOLotto, which they could have used their position within the company in order to have a more positive outcome.

As of now, both Cassell and Martin are claiming they’re innocent of any wrongdoing as they both claim they’ve made it known they were owners of CSGOLotto. Martin even released a statement in hopes the internet would believe his innocence:

“Yes, I founded That isn’t a secret, I don’t know why this is being treated as breaking news. I enjoyed playing on other sites and saw ways to make improvements to them, so I put a team together and built my own site. Making accusations that my winnings on the site and reactions are fake simply because I own a portion of the site is unjustified. Every single game that I played was real, every single skin that I won or lost was real. So please don’t throw around false accusations and slander.”

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