SSWIPODCAST 8/18 *Giveaway Details*

SSWIGamenation Podcast with your Host & Co-Host: SirpandaSSWI & Mrc1utchSSWI Be sure to tune in every Saturday for the next live show.

-Intro -Gametrailers -Surprise clips – event with -Current Events Zion Williamson – -Intermission -Special Guest -Jackass moment -Top plays -Last weeks Top play.


Live Every Saturday at 8PM EST on Twitter, Twitch, Mixer and YouTube SSWIGAMENATION


Winner🏆 -Top 2k plays -MAD DIY GUY 3 Giveaways -Donations Upgrade Equipment Shoutouts in the pod    

Giveaway Details are in the video below. Hurry over before its to late! You don’t want to miss out on these!!!


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