How to Fix Pokemon Go When it Freezes, GPS Signal & more!

Pokemon Go has been riding the waves the past few days, even rising to become more popular than porn. But what about all those left unable to play due to game crippling bugs or errors? This guide will offer solutions to some of the more common errors, as well as tackle one of the biggest errors the game has seen thus far, the dreaded ‘GPS signal not found’ bug.

Common Errors and Fixes

Pokemon Go released last week to the joy of millions of fans around the world, and while the global rollout is still well underway, the game is already plagued with several issues that have made the experience less than stellar for many users. Many of these errors can be fixed quite easily by restarting the game completely on your device, however some of them require more intricate solutions.

Pokemon Go “App not installed”

If you’re trying to install the Pokemon Go app, and you receive an “app not installed” error, then chances are you’re trying to bypass the release region requirements of Google Play’s version of the game, and the APK you’re installing is most likely corrupt in some way. This is pretty risky business any way you put it, and malware has been discovered in some malicious versions of the Pokemon Go APK that is available to users all over the internet. At this point in time we’d suggest holding off for the official release of the game in your region.

Battery Draining Too Fast

Sadly, there isn’t really anything you can do about this, other than pick up an external battery charger, or make sure you keep your phone on your charger until you get ready to leave the house. Luckily some places like Gamestop have battery chargers on sale, so be sure to check out your local store’s stock, and pick one up if you want to extend your playtime out in the field.

GPS Signal Not Found

This is a pretty big issue, we won’t lie, and it’s been plaguing users since the game’s release date. It seems to mostly be an issue found on Android devices, however, we won’t rule out the possibility that some iOS users might be experiencing the issue too. If you do find yourself running into this problem, simply close the application out, and check your GPS settings. Make sure they are set to High Accuracy, and then open up Google Maps and make sure it registers your location. With that done, leave Google Maps open and then launch the Pokemon Go application, with Google Maps still running in the background. This should resolve all ‘GPS signal not found’ error messages, and allow you to get back to catching those prized Pokemon.

Distorted Audio

Distorted music and sound effects have become pretty common in Pokemon Go, and Niantic is really hard at work on a fix for the issue. Until then, the only real way to fix it is to go ahead and restart your game, but let’s be honest, why are you listening to the app’s music when you could be one of the thousands streaming the Pokemon theme song on Spotify.

This issue seems to mostly be reported when using Bluetooth devices, so try it with regular headphones to see if the issue persists.

“You already own this item” Error on Android

Sometimes while purchasing Poke Coins in the Pokemon Go Shop, users have reported an issue with the game telling them “You already own this item”. This is an issue caused when your device loses connection to the internet during a purchase. To resolve this issue you simply need to power your device off, and then back on, giving it a full restart.

Trainer Progress Resets to Level 1

If this happens, then chances are you have signed into a second account. Go into your account settings, log out of your current settings, and then relog into the game using your original credentials.

No Pokemon Showing on the Map

This problem has been reported in countries outside of the regional launche areas, and it appears that maybe Niantic hasn’t completely turned everything on for those countries trying to bypass the global launch rollout via sideloading the game’s APK.  Nobody is wholly sure what the underlying issue here is, if it is one at all, so we just recommend closing the application out, and checking back on it in a couple of hours. If you don’t see any updates, then chances are you won’t be able to fully enjoy the game until it releases in your region.

————————————–(ADDITIONAL FIXES)—————————————

Pokemon Go has been taking the world by storm, and even though its global release has been put on hold for a little while, millions of people are hard at work in the augmented reality game, trying to catch those fabled Pokemon. But what happens when you’re playing Pokemon Go, and out of nowhere, your application freezes? What do you do? How do you fix it? This guide will walk you through all the known fixes available for the error, as well as point out a few tips to help keep you from losing any progress.

Pokemon Go works by turning your phone into an augmented reality device using your GPS locator, and your phone’s built in camera. This allows you to move in the game by walking places, and Pokemon appear around you as you move. The augmented reality portion of the application comes into play when you try to catch Pokemon, as they appear within the real environment if the AR camera is enabled.

So what causes the freezing problem, and how can you fix it? Well, there are actually a number of reasons that users believe cause the application to freeze. Sadly, there isn’t an official response yet, but for now these solutions are worth giving a shot.

According to reports on Reddit and other forums, users have suggested turning your phones LTE signal off on your iPhone, and instead simply relying on 3G data to power the application. This can be accomplished by accessing your phone’s cellular menu, and then choosing the cellular data option, and swiping LTE off to disable it.

The second thing you can do is wait it out. We know that the freezes happen sometimes when you’re right in the middle of catching a Pokemon, and it can be pretty tempting to force close it right then and there. But wait! Hold out just a little bit longer, and the small loading/saving symbol will appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen, saving your progress. Now you can safely quit out of the application without losing anything.

The only other thing to really do in this situation, right now, is to report the issue. Niantic is hard at work ironing out the kinks in the game, and reporting things is the best way to get new issues (and old issues alike) seen about and fixed. So if you experience a freeze while searching for Pokemon, don’t ignore it. Report it to Niantic so they can get things fixed up as quickly as possible. Afterall, if we don’t tell them about these problems, they might not ever know.



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