Nintendo Switch Gets Its Guts Ripped Out in Teardown Video

It’s one thing to tell you the technical specs of a piece of hardware, but its another thing to see the pieces and how they all fit together to make it work efficiently. We get a look at the inside of the new Nintendo Switch and just what makes the console-handheld hybrid tick.

IFixit put together the three-minute video, which is essentially a screw-by-screw deconstruction of the Switch, a Joy-Con controller and the base unit, all with no commentary. We see in the Switch itself:

  • A micro SD card reader
  • 3.7V 4310 mAh battery
  • The headphone jack and cartridge reader combo
  • 4GB LPDD4 RAM combined with Nvidia’s customized Tegra processor.
  • The 6.2″ multi-touch display and case that holds it all together.

In the Joy-Con:

  • 3.7V 525 mAh battery
  • An STElectronics NFCBEA 812006 33 NFC Reader IC with a Broadcom Bluetooth 4.1/2.4 GHz transceiver.

If you aren’t a tech junkie, it’s an interesting look at Nintendo’s newest piece of hardware and how it was put together. And it definitely is more scientific than dropping the unit on concrete to see when it stops working.

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