GTA V: Final 2016 Online Update Revealed!!!

GTA V will be set to receive one final major update before christmas, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC along with the usual Christmas content, throwing snowballs was always fun right?.


Rockstar has just relesed this little beauty earlier today and the customization is sick. The Declasse Tornado Rat Rod, now available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. It’s the latest vehicle from the GTA Online: Bikers expansion and is a standout choice for those who enjoy customising their rides.

This week’s Premium Stunt Race “City Air” has also been revealed, described as “a turbo-charged adrenaline rush high above Downtown Los Santos. It offers triple RP for competing, as well as a nice GTA$ payout for finishing in the top 3. The new GTA 5 Online race is available today through Monday, November 7.

Three new Grand Theft Auto 5 modes have been found so far which have yet to be added to the game: Deadline, Kill Quota and Lost Vs Damned – the latter being part of the Halloween update. And the same group of dedicated players who found this information have also confirmed that one final major update is set to be released in 2016.

It will reportedly include the usual holiday content that is launched in December and is also set to add the Kill Quota Adversary Mode to the game. It’s also rumoured to contain content that has been teased in the past by Rockstar but has yet to be given an official announcement.

This includes a new car selling feature which has been found by dataminers but has yet to be put into the game.  This could be part of the final update of 2016 for Grand Theft Auto 5, although fans may have to wait a little longer. While this new content drop was originally scheduled for the end of 2016, it is currently unclear how the delay to the Biker DLC has affected Rockstar’s schedule.

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