Elder Scrolls: Legends Releases on PC, Dark Brotherhood Coming Next Month


The Elder Scrolls: Legends is finally out of beta on PC starting today, and Bethesda is ringing in the occasion with loads of details about upcoming content and moving to other platforms.

Fall of the Dark Brotherhood

The “Fall of the Dark Brotherhood” PvE story will release on April 5. It recruits you as a double agent sent to take down the assassins guild from within, with choices determining the direction of the story. It will add 25 missions and 40 new cards, split across three sections.

To emphasize the assassination aspect, it will introduce a new “Slay” mechanic. Slay takes effect when one of your creatures attacks and kills an opposing creature. A Bethesda rep told Shacknews this is similar to some cards already in the game, like Night Talon Lord, but having it appear as an ability effect allows for more synergy opportunities.

A bundle of the entire three-chapter arc will cost $19.99, or it can be purchased using in-game gold. For that price, the story is said to last about as long or possibly longer than the main introductory story, since it has less tutorializing. Picking up the Dark Brotherhood in Legends will grant you the Doom Wolf mount in Elder Scrolls Online for PC or Mac. You can get a glimpse at some of the new cards on the official site.

Taking Legends Anywhere

In addition to the PC launch today and Dark Brotherhood next month, several more launches are planned in the coming months. The iPad version is set for March 23, while the Android version will be coming in April. Bethesda is planning to roll out Twitch integration with a spectator mode in May, along with a competition-based Gauntlet mode. The Mac version will be coming this spring. Finally, both the mobile phone versions and a major expansion are planned for this summer, and Bethesda aims to give more details on those at E3.

Bethesda acknowledges it’s been pretty aggressive with adding and tweaking cards throughout the beta, and plans to continue doing so. The studio is hoping to hit four large-scale releases per year along the lines of the Dark Brotherhood PvE story or the summer expansion. That said, it’s planning to watch how fans react to these first few–for example, if they would prefer fewer large-scale releases or many more frequent releases that add a smaller pool of cards each.

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