20 Maps That Accurately Describe The World We Are Living In

The Highest Paid Public Employees In Each State

Number of Executions Since 1976


Meth Labs By County

Once a relatively obscure drug associated with biker gangs, methamphetamine has become one of the most popular drugs in America thanks to its relatively easy and cheap production. In a recent nationwide survey, one out of two hundred adults in America reported using meth in the past year.


Global Obesity Rates

Among developed countries, the United States has the highest rate of obesity, with one-third of the population classified as obese. This rate is estimated by the Harvard School of Public Health to reach 50% by 2030.



Global Incarceration Rates

As of 2014, the United States has the highest incarceration rate on the planet. While America represents 4.4% of the world’s population, it houses 22% of the world’s prisoners.


Areas Of Cartel Influence In Mexico

There are a number of reasons why drug cartels have gained such influence over the Mexican state and the United States never-ending War on Drugs is one of them. Mexico is a major US heroin supplier as well as the largest foreign supplier of methamphetamine and marijuana. In fact, production of these drugs has only increased since Mexico launched its own War on Drugs in 2005. Currently, the drug trade employs approximately 500,000 people and contributes around $30 billion a year to the Mexican economy.


The Happiest States In The United States


The Gender Imbalance Of Singles Across American Cities

if you’re a woman looking for love, it might behoove you to head west.


The Probability Of Upward Mobility In America By Locality

If you want your child to have a shot at entering a higher tier of the socioeconomic echelon, you might not want to settle down in the South, where segregation both class and race tends to shape your future.


Paid maternity leave by country


The Biggest Non-Government Employer in Each State


How American men refer to their bros


Boobs vs Butt searches on Pronhub


Freedom of press map 2017 (by Reporters without borders)


Most recurrent word on each country’s Wikipedia page


Opiod Drug overdose deaths in the United States per 100,000 persons for 1999 and 2014

On December 12, 1995, the Food and Drug Administration approved the opioid analgesic OxyContin. It hit the market in 1996. In its first year, OxyContin accounted for $45 million in sales for its manufacturer, Stamford, Connecticut-based pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma. By 2000 that number would balloon to $1.1 billion, an increase of well over 2,000 percent in a span of just four years. Ten years later, the profits would inflate still further, to $3.1 billion. By then the potent opioid accounted for about 30 percent of the painkiller market. What’s more, Purdue Pharma’s patent for the original OxyContin formula didn’t expire until 2013. This meant that a single private, family-owned pharmaceutical company with non-descript headquarters in the Northeast controlled nearly a third of the entire United States market for pain pills.


All of these blue countries combined had the same number of homicides as Brazil last year


Best selling music artists in each US state


Most popular sport in each country

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