11 Video Game Characters That Developers Made Way Too Sexual

If you’ve played any of the modern video games featuring female characters, then you probably noticed that all of them have one thing in common – high sex appeal. Game developers wanted to make them appealing to players, so they emphasized certain features. In fact, all of the lady-characters are at the same time very athletic, but also incredibly feminine.

Check out this list and see if you agree with our choice for the 11 sexiest female video game characters!

Christie Monteiro


The first one on our list is a character from Tekken series. Christie Monteiro is notable for her athletic physique. But, you wouldn’t expect anything else from a character that’s fighting all the time. The only thing that seems bit odd is how her tight top stays on during the battles.


Faith Connors


The next character doesn’t quite fit the pattern of voluptuous video game heroines. Still, we can’t deny her sex appeal. Mirror’s Edge lead character spends her time running around, delivering vital messages for her cause, but somehow manages to stay fancy all the time.




Another character that we can’t call a sex bomb, but that definitely has a lot of attractiveness is Rikku from Final Fantasy game franchise. Her tight bikini and mini skirt certainly do add to her overall appeal.




The leading heroine in the BloodRayne video game, Rayne is the fantasy of many players. It’s no surprise, knowing that she wears tight latex clothes and platform boots. Despite this outfit looking rather uncomfortable, she manages to easily move in it.


Cammy White


Since the release of Street Fighter, Cammy White character became an inspiration for Cosplay. It’s easy to see why that is the case. Over the years, her clothes have changed, but her voluptuous physique hasn’t!

Ivy Valentine


The Soul Calibur heroine looks fantastic with her massive breasts and round buttocks. It seems she’s aware of that, which explains why she wears, some would argue, an inappropriate outfit. The combination of minimal pieces of cloth and tiny straps is just too sexy!




This female character stands out from the rest of Mortal Combat crew with her intolerable sex appeal. Not only does Kitana look stunning, she also dresses seductively. On top of that, she knows how to kick ass when needed.



This seductress first appeared in the second series of the game called Street Fighter, back in 1991. She might be older than most of the characters on the list, but she definitely still can make our hearts pump faster.



Tifa Lockhart



The fact that another Final Fantasy heroine is on our list, makes us wanna play this game again. Tifa Lockhart is a cutie, who likes emphasizing her mouth-watering feminine attributes by wearing tight tops and short skirts.

Nina Williams


This breathtaking blonde is one of the main characters from Tekken. Nina Williams is a real bombshell, who apart from looking incredibly hot, knows how to fight. She kicks ass with no problems, despite wearing tight latex cloth



Lara Croft


Of course, you can’t make a list of the hottest video game characters without including Lara Croft. Through all of her incarnations, Lara is sexy, smart and fast with a gun. If you haven’t fallen in love with her in the video game, you probably will in the movie, where Angelina Jolie plays the main role.


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