The Deadliest Weapon in Video Game History

bo jackson tecmo bowl

Bo Jackson was not only the best player in Tecmo Super Bowl, he was the best player in any sport in any time in every single fictional and non-fictional dimension. Bo Jackson was to Tecmo Super Bowl as Shakespeare was to literature. Bo Jackson was to Tecmo Super Bowl as Mozart was to music. Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl was the epitome of what every man, woman, child dreams they could be. He would send young kids and grown men crying into shame when their defenses tried to master the Raider offense he chaired. Players using him have been able to rush for 800-900 yards per game and run all over the field on one play and run out the time of a whole quarter without being tackled. In the game Jackson is simply unstoppable. Even though Tecmo Bo, as he came to be known, had only one play designed for him, he would regularly peel off 80-yard runs. Even if the opposing player called a play designed to stop him, Jackson was able to bust through multiple defenders for a 20-yard gain. If you gave the ball to Bo Jacksonand you DID NOT score, it was a comment on your own imperfections as a human being. A buddy of mine recounted the time when his brother used Bo to blast him with 95-yard game-winning run, saying he was “helpless as Bo shed about 500 tackles at once and strolled into the end zone”….it took him many, many years to get over that one. Greatest game ever, greatest player ever.

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