My Battle Islands Defenses Are no Joke…Ask Jestrwolf lol

Those that play Battle Island know you can always attack an enemy that attacks your base.  My goal is to obtain the Warmonger Flag after you Attain 100 offensive victories against the enemy.  I only have about 7 more to go to get it.  Problem is, I pretty much have everything maxed out on my base so even when caring lots of loot for the enemy to take.  The bait just isn’t working.  

Recently someone decided to take the bait, a Gamer named Jestrwolf!  Normally an enemy attacks, they lose – and I retaliate – and its OVER!!  But this guy is Hella Good!  <–(Shit I’ve been in Cali only 3 years now and I’m saying the word “Hella” too damn much).

Jestrwolf attacked, took my damn hard earned money, dog tags and got victory stars.  Time to tea-bag that Island with tanks!  I hit hard and won most of it back.  I figured he would leave it at that.  Next day he attacks again and wins again.  WTF dude!  I attack back and get my shit back!  Next day….Really Jestrwolf??  He takes my Island apart like a cheap Lego set!  The back and forth go on for a bit and finally when I retaliated I lost!  Shit!!! Now I’m in the hole!  Hes going to leave it at that and I’ll probably have to take the L!  <–(that’s ‘LOSS’ for those not up to date on their slang).

Just in case he decides to show mercy or just to rub another victory in my face, I re-watched each of his previous attacks.

Tanks come in here…Check

Planes go there…Check

Boats are here…Check

Same damn routine, why didn’t I see that shit before?  I relocate all my damn mines (Water and land) put them at each of his <–(I’m assuming its a dude) entry points and hope he hits back.  Well he did…. and in the words of that ulgy Mofo who got popular on vine videos…. GOT EM!!!

If you don’t know which ugly mofo I’m referring to, check the vid below.

Jestrwolf – I will be hitting back, you won’t know when, but be prepared.  But for now let me soak in my victory juice!  GOT EM!!

This is the ugly MOFO I’m talking about!



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